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I have been practising yoga since 2010 when my friend suggested I join her for a class with Nadia Narain at triyoga. I have been practising yoga on and off since then. If there were times when my work and life did not allow me time to practise yoga, I could very quickly notice that I missed it as yoga allows me to get in touch with my body through asana and pranayama. Yoga also allowed me to get centred and be able to deal with what my life threw my way in a more positive way.


I decided to join the triyoga Teacher Training in 2015 and was very fortunate to be able to study with Anna Ashby and Joey Miles. This training not only introduced the much needed balance between work and yoga, but also allowed me to dwell deeper into the yoga practice. I then trained with Nadia Narain and am now a qualified Pregnancy and Postnatal Yoga Teacher.

I teach yoga classes that are alignment based and they allow students to get in touch with their bodies and become more open to understanding their inner self and how to bring yoga into their everyday lives.

Easy Seated Pose
Downward Dog Split
Triangle Pose
Seated Twist
Tree Pose
High Lunge
Reversed Warrior
Triangle Pose
Ardha Uttanasana
Camel Pose
Downward Dow
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Downward Dow