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Transform Your Life in 12 weeks: Thrive with personalised 1 to 1 wellness coaching  

Make a commitment to your wellbeing, find yourself again, have the energy to enjoy and love your life, be your best version of yourself, have time and space for your loved one, your relationships, have the focus and clarity to achieve your goals at work and your private life and thrive in your life.

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Sarah W.

“My coaching sessions with Mira have really highlighted to me how quick you can move in your business and life when you have dedicated time with a coach, especially with Mira as she is very calm, intuitive & trusting. Over the session we have had, I have had many lightbulb moments, feel more confident, brave and have loved every minute of it. I have stepped up and stepped into my business and life with the thanks of Mira.” 

Andreea S.

“I worked with Mira for a few months to take care of my mental health and my wellness habits. After each session I knew what I had to do or focus on next. I loved our sessions, the meditations, and having someone to listen to me and give me her full attention. I always left the session with a very good, peaceful feeling.“ 

Agnes B.

“I loved working with Mira, who is respectful, patient, and calm, merely searching for the hardest and best questions to address the root cause of any situation. Her experience prioritising well-being instead of just talking about it inspired me to focus on cultivating joy daily through different actions personalised to my inner desires. I met her after a career shift when my mental well-being needed support and accountability, delivered with love and so much compassion. Thank you, Mira!” 

If you find yourself feeling anxious, tired, feeling under pressure with your day to day life and want to feel calmer, more grounded, find time for self care, so you can thrive in your life and find joy in even the small moments of your life, then this Be Well 12-week 1 to 1 program is for you.

When you don’t have time to prioritise yourself, you might find yourself not sleeping well, being impatient or easily irritated, moody, craving the wrong foods all the time, and even experiencing physical symptoms like headaches or stomach pain. 

But I know you care deeply about your relationships and the work you do and everyone would benefit from you being your optimal self. 


In this transformational program, you will:


  • Feel calmer - Learn practices to cultivate inner peace amidst life's chaos

  • Feel more grounded - Reconnect with yourself and find balance in all aspects of your life

  • Experience simple wellness practices - tailored to fit your busy schedule

  • Improve your mood - Gain emotional resilience and a positive outlook on life

  • Get better sleep - Embrace restful nights to wake up rejuvenated each morning

  • Enhance your skin's appearance - Nurture your wellbeing from the inside out

  • Have energy to enjoy life - Reclaim the vitality to savour every moment

  • Receive accountability - Stay on track with personalised coaching support

  • Receive ongoing support - Stay connected via email or text between sessions

You may have tried some meditation, yoga and other wellness habits, but do not keep them up as they take too long and you cannot see any results. You are not able to fit any new things into your busy schedule because you feel tired. You set goals, but do not keep them.


If this is you, see what Be Well offers:

  • 12 weekly coaching sessions

  • 60 minutes, Zoom

  • Working together on your goals

  • Personalised practices curated for you – Yoga Nidra, Reiki, Essential Oils blend and accupoints, Yoga  and meditation

  • Accountability

  • Support via email or text in between sessions


Price: £1,200 (pay in full or £400 x 3)

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No more….

Reactive in ways you’ll regret

  • Yelling at the kids

  • Always doing too much and never enough for you

  • Not knowing how to manage your emotions

  • Not being 100%


When you invest in your wellness, you do your best work.

When you’re calm, people love being around you.

When you feel great from the inside, you look amazing.


If you want to do this work, book your discovery call here.

Do you think you need to spend hours on self care? 

During our coaching sessions, you will learn short practices that can improve your wellbeing without spending an hour on self care practices everyday.


Do you lack commitment to follow through with your actions?

I will be your accountability partner and share ideas on how to implement your actions into your busy schedule. 

Meet your Wellness Guide: Mira Calvey

Seated portrait

Certified Wellness & Resilience coach, Yoga Teacher, Reiki practitioner, and essential oils educator.


I am passionate about this work because I have experienced burnout and its impact on my health and life - anxiety, sadness, stomach issues that brought dreadful cramps, nausea, and irritability. I wasn’t able to concentrate on what I needed to deal with, and my short temper affected my relationships at work, at home and my friendships. 


Over the years and with the help of a great support network I was able to gain knowledge and implement a wide variety of practices that allowed me to take care of my mental and physical health in easy, practical ways that fit with my schedule and circumstances. I now live without stomach issues, my mood is better and more stable, and I am able to show up every day as the best version of myself.


This prompted me to help others who want to learn how to improve their wellness so that they have the drive and the mental strength to live a vibrant life.


I have helped people 

  • prioritise their wellbeing and cultivate joy daily through practices that connect deeply with their inner desire,

  • find trust in themselves when implementing changes in their lives by actioning their goals,

  • integrate tools such as meditation and essential oils as their self care to support their mental and emotional wellbeing,

  • and find clear action steps in their life or business by providing a calm, safe space.

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