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Are you ready to give yoga a go?

When people realise I am a yoga teacher, they almost always say that they cannot touch their toes and therefore would not go to a yoga class. Yoga is not only for super flexible people. In fact, yoga is a wonderful way to not only introduce exercise into your life, but also to find tools that can help with your life, whether it is finding breathing techniques that can be used in stressful times or stretches to be used when you feel aches and pains in your body.

I personally started practising yoga when I started experiencing shoulder tightness and was looking to introduce exercise into my life. I was fortunate enough that my friend recommended the triyoga studio in London. I instantly felt at home and ensured I went back again and again to practise some more. When my schedule did not allow me to attend yoga classes, I quickly realised how much yoga was helping me not only physically, but also emotionally, but being able to recognise stressful times and apply breathing techniques into my normal day.

I then decided to become a yoga teacher and began a Teacher Training course to deepen my knowledge and to share the benefits of yoga with others. I now teach yoga classes including pregnancy yoga in Harlow, Cheshunt and London. You can find details of all the classes on my website.

If you wish to improve your strength, flexibility, stability and also learn relaxation techniques that can improve your day to day life, then come and join me on a mat. To book a yoga class, visit

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